FOW received an update from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Engineer responsible for this site, Joseph Martella. Mr. Martella wrote that he contacted Rhode Island Energy (RIE) because of the proximity to the location of the former coal to gas generating plant. RIE had a representative from an environmental engineering firm visit the site and also do research into recently permitted marine/shoreline activities in the area.
The engineering firm concluded that the white material appears to be coming from the aluminum sacrificial anodes installed at intervals in the water next to the steel sheet bulkhead wall to protect it. The work was undertaken by Coddington Landing in 2018 under a CRMC Maintenance Certificate. Based on 2019 aerial photos, the surface disruptions from the sacrificial anodes breaking down have existed since shortly after the installation.

If you have any more questions, please contact Mr. Martella at RIDEM.

{{As an aside, Aluminum Anodes are considered more environmentally friendly than the zinc anodes used on most of the boats in the harbor. There is no past or active water access use at this point.}} ( Photo via GZA GeoEnvironmental )

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